Exhibited at Photo Moncton International 2017-2018

"Grace in Pink"

Exhibit 2017

While photographing flamingos I became mesmerized by their unique beauty.  Although they are most noticed for their striking colours, it was their grace that captivated me.  If you look at them piece by piece with their knobby knees, long necks, flat feet, and large torso, you might think they are unusual.  While observing these majestic birds I reflected on conversations I had with female friends over the years on the topic of body image.  It's easy for us to pick apart our bodies piece by piece.  We may wish we were a little longer here, or thinner in the middle.  By dissecting ourselves this way it is indeed a disjointed and inaccurate picture of who we are.  We are more than our bodies, and I believe we are beautiful just as we are.  We aren't meant to all look the same, and we are not meant to be looked at in dissected distortions.  We should be appreciated for the wholeness of who we are in mind, body and spirit.  We look at a flamingo and see only her perfection of form.  We accept her as she is.  Isn't it time as women we accept ourselves for the way we are?

Flamingos represent many things symbolically.   They represent balance, creativity, and being true to yourself.  The flamingo is also mythically connected with the phoenix representing the magical cycle of rebirth, and rising from the ashes or rising above hardships.  When one door closes, a new door opens.  In this way flamingos are not only beautiful but they truly embody the grace and wisdom of humanity and our ability to find beauty in pain.  

The colour pink represents the heart, compassion, and connection.  She further teaches us to have compassion with ourselves and patience for our process as we heal.  If you feel drawn to the flamingo you might enjoy keeping the following affirmations near by as a gentle reminder to your beauty.

Flamingo Affirmations:

"I create from the depths of my soul"

"I seek out like-minded friends and engage in a group activity that is fulfilling to me"

This is what Grace in Pink is all about.  All of the women involved in this event are role models of strength, independence, depth of character, grace and the beauty that is a "woman".

Highlights from Opening Night

Grace in Pink Exhibit/Event

Monique, Krista, Murielle

Showing off being published in a Magazine

Exhibit Pamphlets

Flamingo Art on Exhibit

Exhibit of Amazing Women

Included empowering quotes from the women on their images


Creative Laminating Sponsored

They sent me a little gift of the exhibition

Krista and Tina

Tina was the Director of Crossroads for Women the Charity we raised money for

Ashley Ouelette

A talented young artist I invited to feature at the event - her first time exhibiting!

Representative from MAGMA

Barb Aubie Performance

Sample of one of the prints

Prints for Sale

Prints for Sale

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